The Alluring Quality of Charm

Jeanette Berry, April 1980

I will confess, I am a people-watcher.  It fascinates me to study the face of a total stranger and judging by their appearance, form an opinion of that person.  Their walk, size, grooming, overall appearance, but most of all their countenance.  Some people arouse my pity, some disgust, but how refreshing to see a person with that extra special glow that radiates their whole being.  How I long to be such a person.  I want the radiance of the Lord Jesus to permeate my being and to be unhindered by outward distractions.

Following is some advice I received years ago.  I think it clearly reveals from a human standpoint those areas where we can improve our appearance.  I've heard it said, "A person must be attracted to you before they will be attracted to your Christ."  Keep this in mind as you read the following by John Robert Powers of Power's Modeling School.  Strive to become such a person so as to give other people-watchers food for thought.

"Small things go to make up charm, which in itself is a mighty big and important thing.  Certainly you know a woman (probably more than one) whose figure is not perfect, whose face is not truly beautiful, yet by her personal magnetism she over-shadows those with mere physical beauty.  This woman understands and has confidence in herself, thus she is able to develop both physical and mental attributes to her advantage."

"YOU can be this kind of whose charm is evident in all the small ways that count.  Let me tell you what I consider the ten most expressive ways.  Practice these, and you'll be the woman who attracts admiring glances."

  1. The way you WALK...graceful carriage is one of a woman's most subtle charms.
  2. The way you SIT...grace in repose is the outward manifestation of poise.
  3. The way you FIGURE...a lovely figure requires proper diet to adjust weight, and exercise to adjust contours.
  4. The way you DRESS...know the lines and colors most flattering to face and figure.
  5. The way you MAKE UP...I call it "make down", which means accenting, not exaggerating, your natural good looks.
  6. The way you GROOM...gleaming hair, manicured nails, neatly pressed clothes, hose that fit slim and sleek.  Such things add to a lovely appearance as their opposites detract.
  7. The way you SMILE...the brightness of your expression reveals your friendliness, says you're a person worth knowing.
  8. The way you ACT...good manners are always in good taste.
  9. The way you THINK...turn your thoughts outward, as well as inward, to broaden your interests and thus develop your mind.
  10. The way you SPEAK...a well modulated voce and unaffected manner are essential.

Charm is both an inner and outer glow, one prompts and furthers the other.  There is no such thing as an unattractive woman, only the woman who does not make the most of herself by cultivating the ways I've mentioned.  Strive for perfection in each to achieve that alluring quality...CHARM."

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