Jeanette Berry, June 1974

I know some of husbands are going to hate me for writing this, but as the slogan says "Try it, You'll Like It".

My husband is the busiest of men, I do believe.  Pastoring alone is a major fulltime responsibility.  Along with that he is founder of Elkton Baptist College, president of Elkton Christian School, and more or less the chief of all the other ministries associated with our church.  Years ago he would tease our children and say, "I'm the Big Chief!"  Dianne couldn't talk plainly then, so she called him the "Big Cheap".   You can never know the spiritual, physical and financial burdens  and all the responsibilities that are on his shoulders.  Add to that his care and concern for his family.

As his wife, I realize that his time and energies are directed and occupied by his obligation to the church.  I do not resent it, but what times we do get to be together are a real privilege.  He goes out of his way to make them very special.

For example.  Last Sunday night after the services were over, we joined friends and flew to Williamsburg, VA where reservations were made at the Holiday Inn.  It was so exciting,--just like you feel as you plan for a long vacation.  We got to bed about 1:00 a.m. and then leisurely spent the next day touring old-fashioned Williamsburg on a bicycle-built-for-two, and enjoying the pleasures of just being together.  We were gone from home about 17 hours and yet it was wonderful.

Jesus and His disciples had to face the crowds and pressures day and night.  In Mark 6:31 Jesus calls to His disciples to come apart from the people and rest awhile.  As one evangelist friend says, "Come apart (to rest) or you will come apart (physically)."

Following the example of Jesus and also your pastor, you will find it makes an exciting adventure in anyone's life.

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