The Friend I've Never Met, I

Jeanette Berry, January 1994

I will begin with a disclaimer.  This is just a story without a moral.  I'm not even sure why I', telling you this except that I think you will find it interesting.

Several years ago the wife of a co-worker came to visit.  She greeted me with these words, "You're the friend I've never met."  I thought that was so unique.  Her husband had talked to her of me and he talked to me of her.  When were finally met one another we were already friends.

Now, I have another unique situation in which I have a friend I have never met.  At the beginning of the school year, as I pulled out of my drive I would pass a young man walking in the opposite direction.  It seemed our schedules coincided, because we passed one another every morning.

One morning as we passed, I lifted a finger in a sort of a half-hearted acknowledgement.  He nodded in the same non-committal manner.  This went on for quite a few days.  The my wave got a little stronger---more of an unofficial salute, and he responded in the same manner.  Every morning.

One day I was half way to school when I realized I had not seen my friend.  A funny thought that in my mind, he is now "my friend".  The next day there he was.  I was pleased and it showed in my wave.  He responded in like manner.

On one occasion I drove Tom's car to school and when I passed he was caught by surprise.  He recognized me in time to wave.  However, when I once drove Dianne's truck (rest assured transportation was desperate) he barely knew me in time.

Now we are like old pals.  I wave vigorously and he waves and gives me this big smile.  My day is brighter and I even pray for him as I go.

One of these days I am going to stop and find out who he is, where he is going so regularly everyday, and tell him how much our meeting each morning starts my day off right.  I feel confident that we will be able to chat easily and comfortably.  Perhaps this is the method that God is using to reach this fellow with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If so, what  thrill.  Until then, he remains my friend whom I have never met.

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