Rejection To Royalty

Jeanette Berry May 1994

When my interpreting assignment sent me with a deaf girl to the Delaware S.P.C.A for a nine-week stint my husband understandably express a concern.  He reminded me we did not need any more dogs.  (We had two already).  I was determined I would not succumb to the temptation to bring a dog home.

Each day was a challenge and I was quite proud of my ability of remaining detached.  Then an old couple brought in two little Shih Tsu dogs.  They are very small dogs that look like mops.  These tiny dogs were about five years old, and it was difficult to distinguish between the head and the tail.  They were two females from the same litter and had never been separated.  Numbers tattooed on them proved they had been show dogs, but their fur was matted and it was obvious that their former owner had been unable to care for them. My deaf girl and I spent hours working on them at the SPCA, yet no one adopted these adorable little creatures. A worker said it is difficult to get anyone to adopt five year old dogs. 

Each day the looked so pitiful, scared and lonely.  Each day my heart longed to take away their fear and make them feel loved.  I knew the schedule at the SPCA and new their time was running short, but I also remembered my husband's admonition, "No more dogs!".  Monday they would be put to sleep and as I went to the SPCA I told the driver, "If those little dogs are still there I know I cannot resist."  They were there, looking worse than ever.  I decided I had to save one of them, but the workers reminded me these two had never been separated.  Thinking, "how will I ever explain this to Tom" I agreed to adopt them both. 

When I arrived home with my surprise, Tom said, "I can't believe you did this."  I really couldn't believe I did it either.  Dianne walked in just in time to see one of them and she began laughing.  Then she saw the second one and really laughed.

Bootsie and Hershey (we did not name them), became an entertaining part of the household.  They get the best of food, lots of care and loving attention and are living the life of royalty.  The love heaped upon them has rid them of their fears.  They prance around wanting to be loved on.

Bootsie and Hershey were destined for death.  They were adopted, cleaned up, cared for, and loved.  They are blossoming in the loving environment.  It constantly reminds me of what Jesus did for us.  We were under the sentence of death, but Jesus loved us, adopted us into His family, provided for all our needs and we have become royalty.  As these two little dogs prance about so happily I am reminded how I am so happy in Jesus.  I walk so securely, reveling in His love, living sumptuously and securely in God affection.

"He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, and out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock and established my goings and he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God; many shall see it and fear and shall trust in the Lord.  Blessed is the man that maketh the Lord his trust."  Psalm 40:2-4a

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