Jeanette Berry, July, 1975

I have been wishing for a microwave oven for a long time.  I will admit that impatience is one of my characteristics.  We have instant foods, instant tans, wigs provide an instant hairdo, but the idea of instant defrosting and instant cooking intrigues me.  I am always in a hurry.

I began, subtly of course, to make my wishes known to my husband.  One day I cooked some Cornish hens that just would not get done.  I was embarrassed, and the whole family in good humor began to tease me.  I replied that if I had a microwave oven I would not have a problem.  Tom said, "All right, I'll made a deal with you."  Always ready for a challenge, I said, "o.k., what is it?"  He suggested that for every Sunday dinner I cooked at home he would give me ten dollars for the oven.

Eating Sunday dinner out had been a generous gesture on my husband's part on my behalf.  Often I taught a Sunday school class, interpreted for the deaf in all the services and had many other obligations.  He felt that taking the family to dinner was worth the expense on my behalf.  I loved him for being so thoughtful, but as our family grew into adults eating out regularly became more and more expensive.  I already felt a little guilty about the expense,---but not enough to do something about it.  When he offered the deal, I was quick to accept it.

It turned out quite successfully.  I collected about $120 and then convinced him that if I had the oven, it would be much easier...and I could still cook Sunday dinner, instantly, and pay it off.  Sears Roebuck cooperated beautifully by putting their microwaves on sale. 

I now have the microwave oven and the whole family has been having a ball with it.  Baked a cake in 5 minutes, coffee is hot in seconds, and eggs explode!  Instant cooking.  Instant Fun.  Instant mess!

There are times when God makes deals too.  Jacob was an example.  As he left his father's house he made a vow (deal) in Genesis 28:20 "If God will be with me and will keep me in this way that I go and will give me bread to eat and raiment to put on, so that I come again to my father's house in peace; then shall the Lord be my God...and of all that thou shalt give me I will surely give the tenth unto thee."  Genesis 32:10 describes the result of that deal with God.  Jacob says, "I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies and of all the truth which thou has shewed unto they servant; for with my staff I passed over this Jordan; and now I am become two band."

I read again and again in the Bible that God offers a deal.  2nd Chronicles 7:14, "If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face...".  "If ye be willing and obedient ye shall eat of the good of the land..."  Isaiah 1:19.

There are many challenges offered in the Word of God.  My advice to you is to accept the, follow through with them, and enjoy the thrill and pleasure of the blessing of God in your life.  Even this can be done INSTANTLY!

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