Jeanette Berry, January 1974

My husband complimented my first article with his usual words of praise.  Then he added that my article was longer than his sermon and recommended that I limit any future articles to three hundred words or less.  I thought to myself,  "...always limits!  All my life there have been limits!"

As a little girl I loved, no, I craved, Hershey's chocolate bars.  One day my mother decided to let me eat as many as I wanted.  No limits.  I ate eleven!  I was so sick it was years before I wanted to see another chocolate bar.  Limits even on chocolate bars are for our own good.

I was limited in the manner in which I dressed.  No shorts, no mini-skirts, no ridiculous make-up.  Even my language was limited.  I met a woman terrified of childbirth because she had heard that under the effects of drugs you might scream out all sorts of filthy language.  I had no such fears.  I had not heard or learned such language.

The most irritating restriction was regarding my dates and outside activities.  Dances, movies, questionable places were forbidden.  Boys I dated had to be of highest character and reputation.  My parents had to know where we were going and when to expect us home.  Oh how I hated those restrictions.

One day I met the man God had chosen for me.  I began to realize the value of the restrictions.  Because of them I could offer a body that was pure, a mind that was free from the filth of the world, and a manner of dress in keeping with his standards and a realization that things of value are things that have been controlled.  I married that wonderful man.

Christians, gladly accept restrictions in your life.  One day soon you will meet the Man, Jesus.  As His bride you will be glad that you can present Him a life innocent and unspotted by Satan's "liberalities."

(P.S.  Extra fifty words by special permission of my husband!  Still pushing the limits!)

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