Married To A Pilot

Jeanette Berry, February 1975

Being married to a preacher, at least to mine, means quite a bit of travel.  As that preacher is also a pilot, that means travel by air.  As more and more preachers become pilots many of their wives are in for some very trying moments.  I am reminded of my grandmother's words when my grandfather came home with one of the very first cars, "You can kill yourself in that thing if you want to, but you'll never get me and these kids in it!"

Becoming a competent pilot takes training and discipline, and a thorough knowledge of a variety of subjects, like weather, their aircraft, weight and balance of the plane, Federal Aviation Regulations, ---the list is endless.

You may have seen a scene on TV where a small kid out of curiosity climbs into a plane and takes off, but I certainly don't recommend it.  A cool, calm pilot like my husband makes it LOOK easy, but keeping cool and calm is part of the training.  Often friends flying with us have remarked that they keep an eye on my husband.  If he appeared shook up and nervous then they knew they were in trouble.  I hated to tell them that he just never appears shook up, even when I think he should be.

Our Christian life is very similar.  To be a fruitful, mature Christian there is training, discipline, and a thorough knowledge of a variety of subjects.  We look at giant Christians and think it looks so easy.  Little do we realize the hours upon hours of study, teaching and practice that have made them what they are.

I thought, too that people watch Christians when they are under great pressure, wondering if they are worried.  Many times I have kept my eyes on my husband during times of trial and have even asked, "Are you worried about this?"  His calm assurance quieted my fears and developed in me greater faith to believe in God.  I know others find this same comfort in him as their pastor.

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