More Berry Dog Stories!

Jeanette Berry, April 1986

Dogs have been a part of the Berry household through the years.  I have written previously about Dino, Tom's golden retriever.  Dino is beautiful, gentle, loving and dedicated.  (I heard it said that pets take on the personality of their owners!)  Dino's joy in life is to catch a ball, a Frisbee, or just a stick.  He will chase a ball as long as anyone will throw it.

On one occasion, our neighbors to the back held a wedding reception in their back yard.  As the receiving line formed, Dino would take the ball, drop it over the fence and wag his tail.  Eventually someone would get the message, pick up the ball and throw it.  This went on for hours and hours. It was a funny sight watching all these elegantly dressed people pick up that slobbery-slick ball, toss it, and then have nowhere to wipe their hands.

Another dog, Chassie is Dianne's little white "mutt".  When she had a series of misfortunes, we decided to get this little white muff of a puppy to cheer her.  At 5 weeks he was the cutest little dog I had ever seen, and I am a sucker for cute, cuddly, little animals.  Dianne loved him, but Chassie grew to become a little pain, like a pesky, little brat brother.

Dino loved Chassie from the beginning.  Gentle Dino would patiently let Chassie bite his nose, and chew on his ears.  When it got to be too much, Dino would just get up and move.  Many times we have seen Dino running through the house with Chassie hanging on to his tail by his teeth.

As Chassie grew he loved to tease Dino.  Someone would throw the ball for Dino, Chassie  would try to beat him to the ball.  Since he was smaller and faster, he would often get it first.  Finally there was something that would upset  Dino's calm nature.  It became a game of keep-away, and smart little Chassie would run where Dino could not come (such as under the lawn tractor).  Like a little devil, he would lay the ball down, but the minute Dino would lunge for it, Chassie would grab it and run again.  Finally Dino would become so frustrated that he would just stand and bark.

Chassie seemed born with the "anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better" attitude towards Dino.  It led to some very funny experiences.  Tom and I were going boating.  Thinking how much Dino loved the water, we decided to allow both dogs to go with us.  The minute the car stopped and Dino saw the water, he was raring to jump in.  When we opened the door he made a bee-line for the dock, and without stopping leaped into the water.  Chassie was right behind him.  Keep in mind that Chassie had never even seen a lake at this time, and knew nothing about water.  He leaped just like Dino, and went flying into the lake.  He went under, surfaced, bubbled, coughed, and scrambled desperately to get out.  We were hysterical!

I look at these two uniquely different dogs.  Each with their own personality and characteristics;  each loved and cared for.  I ponder how they are like the individual Christians.---Maybe even like Tom and I.  Tom is steady, single-minded, a man with a purpose; beautiful to see in action, and I will admit I relate more to the impetuous nature of Chassie.  I am so glad the Lord loves all kinds and that each personality can rest secure in His tender care.

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