by Jeanette Berry, August 1974

It finally happened.  After twenty years of driving I received my first ticket.  And, to set a few minds at rest, it was NOT for speeding.

What a humiliating experience.  I thought I was on a one-way street, so I pulled up and stopped right beside a State Trooper!  I failed to see the double yellow line.  In fact, another guy did exactly the same thing while we were sitting there, but the trooper was so busy writing my ti8ckey he didn't bother to notice.

The trooper was not in uniform, and he had his family with him in the car.  But, most irritating of all, he didn't let me explain anything.  My brother and his family were with me, (and with Howard in the car, anyone would drive on the wrong side of the road).  The trooper was like a machine reading my "rights" and it ended with "...sign your name right here."  I am sure the context of his message was if I didn't show up in court or pay the fine I would lose my license.

I have always had a tremendous respect for police and State Troopers in particular.  My son is a policeman.  But this guy shattered my image.  He wasn't the least bit nice.  Anyway, I have to pay $15.00.

I felt my "mistake" was justified.  The road had recently been changed from a one-way to a two-way street and I was unaware of the change.  (Ignorance).  My brother and his wife were in the car with me, and we were enjoying ourselves.  (Distraction).  I was not pleased with the attitude of the policeman. (Bad attitude).  But the fact remained, I was guilty of breaking a law and I must pay the penalty or suffer the consequences.

Twenty years ago, one who loved me, stood at the altar with me and assumed the responsibility of my debts.  He paid my traffic ticket.  (Without any nasty comments, I might add).

This whole incident reminded me of a great truth of the Word of God.  Romans 3:23 says. "All have sinned."  We are all guilty.  Ignorance, distractions, and our attitude towards the law and its administrator do not change the outcome.  We are guilty.  However, One Who loves us, Jesus, assumed responsibility for our debts on the cross of Calvary.  If you accept His promises, (even as I accepted those of my husband at the altar of marriage) you will find that all your sin debts have already been marked "Paid In Full".  You are free.

Salvation is simple, but not easy.  Commit yourself to Christ today.

P.S.  And watch for those double yellow lines on Highway 40!

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