My Lord' a Writin' All The Time

Jeanette Berry, January 1996

It seems everyone today is writing a book.  Celebrities and people of notoriety write tell-all books about their lives.  Criminals write their story of crime and make thousands of dollars.  Politicians want to tell their story--and make money, so they write of their experiences.  Ecclesiastes 12:12 King Solomon says, "...Of the making of many books there is no end."  That was prophetic of our day.

In a study of the Word of God we find there are other books being written.  The Old Testament records again and again, "...Now the rest of the acts of ____ are they not written in the books of the chronicles..."  Revelation 20:12 mentions some very important books, along with the Book of Life.  People will be judged from the things written in these books.

God is still in the book-writing business.  He is keeping a chronicle of our acts while here on earth.  I have a choice about what will be written and have given some thought as to what I would want in that book.

1.  I would want it said that I pleased God by believing Him.  I want a faith that trusts fully, joyfully and Abraham.

2.  I would want it written that like Enoch of old, I walked with God.

3.  I would want to be called the friend of God.  Like David, there is no relationship as dear as having, and being a friend.  Imagine being the friend of God.

4.  I want to serve like Dorcas in the New Testament.

5.  Last of all, I would want it written that I was patient, forgiving, and humble, as our example of Joseph.

Today's books seem to revel in exposing sordid acts and embarrassing as many people as possible.  I trust that when it says "...And the rest of the acts of Jeanette Berry, are they not written in the chronicles..." that the above qualities will be reflected, because I will be judged by the things written in the books.  Keep in mind the old spiritual hymn, "My Lord's a Writin' All The Time!"

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