Richard Is 16

Jeanette Berry October, 1975

Birthdays are special celebrations at our house, and some birthdays are even more special than others.  Our son, Richard is sixteen this month.

From the moment Dr. Foltz told me we had a big boy (9 lbs, 4 ozs) the Lord impressed on my heart that he would be someone special for Him.  Special he is!

He is special because he is like his father.  As a little girl playing "house", it was a rule that the boy had to look just like his daddy.  When Tom and I were engaged we dreamed of our family to be.  Always I insisted on a boy that would look just like him.  Little did I realize just how those dreams would be fulfilled.  Baby pictures of Tom and Richard are so alike.  He has Tom's build; straight, strong and broad shouldered, but even more wonderful, he has his father's character. 

If I were to describe Tom, it would be like this; mature, unselfish, wise, determined, hard workers, stable and solid.  In Richard I see these same wonderful attributes developing.  Whatever he sets out to do, it may take time, but he will do it.  Even at 16 he is showing emotional maturity and wisdom.  Other personalities will rise like a comet, streak across the horizon and disappear, but Richard will be like his father,---still working, plodding, praying.  The end result will be success.

As I look at my three wonderful children (totally biased, I know) I am reminded of the promise of God in Proverbs 10:22, "The blessings of the Lord it maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow with it."  God has made us rich by giving us our three children.  No wonder we celebrate their birth. 

Life is a wonderful adventure under the blessing of God.


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