September...The Summer Is Ended

Jeanette Berry,  September, 1976

September conjures up mixed emotions each year as it rolls around.  Mothers of young children know that September means school!  I've heard it said that the official Mother's Day should be the first day of school.  I don't know that I fully agree with that.  I join my children in having a little bit of a heavy heart as time draws near that appointed day.

The less regimented, carefree life of summer is gone.  The happy hours spent swimming, roaming the woods and just plain staying up late are over for awhile.  That always brings a note of sadness.

September and school does have some blessings.  We have a better schedule for our family.  There is excitement in buying new school clothes and books, although we hate to admit it.  There is anticipation about being with all your friends again.  But, my greatest blessing about the beginning of school is that I can regulate my time so much better.  My time with the Lord is more private.  It is easier to schedule my homemaking responsibilities and still find time to study, visit, and best of all, have time alone with my husband.

September means some of our young people leave for various colleges in other states.  Summer brought them home to family and friends.  Perhaps I am remembering my own summer vacations from college.

The best word to describe September is the word change.  Change is a part of life, so I guess that is why September is one of my favorite months.  There is a world of new adventures waiting.  Summer has been fun.  We have some happy memories.  Now we anticipate September with lots of fun, learning and hard work.  As always, it will be an adventure.

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