By Jeanette Berry, December 1974

Our son Richard, 15, was accidentally hit in the eye with a rock this week.  There was bleeding inside the eyeball, and later an inflammation developed.  For a time the sight of the eye was in question, and of course, it was a matter of great concern and prayer to our family, and even to our church and school.

The situation brought to my mind an article I read not long ago.  A Christian should anticipate problems and troubles even as a better stepping up to the plate anticipates the ball coming toward him.  It is not a bitterness and a resentment of the ball or the pitcher, but a challenge to be faced.  True, you may strike out or foul, but on, the sweet thrill of victory as you soar by faith and see God do the impossible.

Weak faith, or even no faith can trust God when things are going well.  Where there is health, money, and all the good things of life we can be radiant and talk about how good God is to us.  But the faith that I want for myself and for my children is the kind that can trust God when health, money, and everything else is gone.

So, Richard stepped up to the plate this week.  He accepted the challenge and it appears he has a home run.  He has not yet uttered one word of murmuring or complaint as he has spent over five days flat on his back.  Three of those days he had patches over both eyes.

It has also been a challenge to all our family.  Could we accept blindness without bitterness and resentment toward God?  My thoughts were constantly on Fanny Crosby and other Christian giants who would not have changed their handicap (so called).  Knowing that our loving Lord will allow only what is good for me to come into my life and make me more like Him, I too, can stand up to the challenge with anticipation.

It has been a week running over with love.  The love was expressed through prayers, visits, calls, cards and notes and gifts.  It brings me back to Proverbs 10:22, "The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich and He addeth no sorrow with it."  Could I go back a week and do it all over I'd want it all to be the same.  I rest securely in His great love.

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