The Best Years of our Lives

(Written March, 1992)

Many years ago Tom and I arrived at church and struggled to get the three children out of the car and into proper shape before entering the church.  We only lived one mile away, but Richard could leave home immaculate and by the time we arrived, he would look like an unmade bed.  We'd pull up his pants, stuff his shirttail back in, straighten his tie and wipe his face.  A deacon happened to be watching this scene and remarked, smiling, "I hope you realize these are the best years of your life.

"Even at the time, I agreed with him.  These were wonderful years.  I had a tremendous husband, three precious children, a lovely home, and a purpose in life.  What could be better?  Last Sunday after church we were sitting around the dinner table.

 Tom was at the head, Jessica (almost 2) was seated between her mommy and daddy playing peek-a-boo with Dianne and in general entertaining everyone.  I was holding a cooing, smiling baby Austin.


The food was good and the fellowship tremendous, and suddenly I remembered that deacon's comment.  Now, twenty-seven or twenty-eight years later, there was the realization that this must be one of the best times of our lives.  Only having the rest of the family there would have made it complete.

When Jesus performed His very first miracle at the wedding feast, changing the water into wine, the question was asked, "Why have you saved the best till the last?".  At every wedding my husband officiates, he explains that under the blessing of God, the later years of a marriage will be even better than the beginning.  We have seen that in our own lives.

It is pure sweetness to have our four grandbabies to hold and love; to see Jessica run into my arms or yell at her Pop-Pop across the church, or swing around his leg (as pictured above) or hold up her arms to be held.  It is pure pleasure to see the light in Tom's eyes when one of the grandbabies call him Pop-Pop or hug him.  Tom and I all but burst with pride when we think of each of our three children.  We are confident God gave us two of His most beautiful, perfect girls as our daughters-in-law.  How we love them.

We have gone through some dark valleys in our life.  The death of our little grandson Justin was without a doubt the most difficult.  Even the, it was a valley and not a pit.  We were led through the darkness and pain with the knowledge that He knows what is best for us.

Though I may be tempted to think these are the best years, I am finding so true the words Tom quotes to me so often from Browning, "Come, grow old along with me for the best is yet to be."