The Perfect Husband

Jeanette Berry,  February, 1976

A lady once sarcastically remarked to me, "You just think your husband is perfect!".  I wouldn't tell her this, but of course, I know he's not perfect.  No one is perfect.  However, I chose to focus my thoughts on all the things for which I can thank my husband, and rarely do I get around to being critical and thinking of his faults.

First, I am aware of his love for me and the children and his faithfulness.  I realize he has endeavored to make our marriage exciting.  He has provided for us a beautiful home, the best of food and clothing and has protected us.  He would give his life doing so should the occasion demand it.

I think of the hundreds of times he has brought me coffee while I am still in bed.---a long standing practice of his.  When our children were babies, he would care for them during the night. (He said it was easier to take care of the baby then to get me awake).  For years, every Thursday afternoon he would come home from the office and care for our three little ones so I could go shopping unhindered.  He would give me five dollars to "blow when I knew times were hard and he did not have it to spare.

Even today I think of the many Saturdays that he gets up early, quietly getting his own breakfast so I can enjoy the extra sleep.

This you probably won't believe, he has never raised his voice to me in anger, cut me with criticism, nor belittled me in any way.  Our children will gladly bear testimony to this.  No other woman has been loved as tenderly and as graciously by her husband as I.  Philippians  4:8 says, "...Think on these things"

Yes, there have been hurt feelings, but invariably they were caused unintentionally or through a misunderstanding on the part of one of us.  As in the love chapter of 1st Corinthians 13, he is "easy to be entreated." ---meaning he is ready to make things right.

Space nor memory will not allow me to list all the things for which I thank my husband.  Perhaps, if I should ever run out of praises then I might find that my husband isn't perfect.  But don't hold your breath.  In twenty-one years it just bets better, and according to the Word of God, marriage is like the wine at the wedding feast, the best was saved until last.  "Come, grow old along with me, for the best is yet to be.

From a thankful preacher's wife.  P.S.  This principle applies to all relationships; my Lord, my children, my church, my friends.  For the right attitude, try gratitude.

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