The Simulator

Jeanette Berry, March 1996

The use of computers continues to astound me.  Through computer imaging researchers are now able to watch what goes on in the mind and brain while people think, and show how people look as they age,---(I am not sure this is a blessing).  In many areas that are now producing simulators, ---producing real life operations without the risk of actual physical danger.

Our family jokes about how my father refused to allow my brother to swimming, stating that "he had no business getting into the water until he learned how to swim."  Perhaps my father was ahead of his time.  With the use of the simulator that just might be possible.

Pilots have long been trained to fly various aircraft by the use of simulators.  Imagine the advantages of learning to fly without being in the air.  Our astronauts learned to fly in space in a simulator before getting into the shuttle to reach outer space.  Our local newspaper reported that our police will be trained to drive in high speed chases using simulators.

Students at the vocational school where I interpret will be learning welding by the use of a simulator.  My little four-year-old grandson enjoyed a daring simulated motorcycle ride with his dad without mom having a heart attack.

The use of simulators is marvelous---if only to teach someone to swim before they ever get into the water.  That brings up some other areas that training in a simulator could save heartaches, pain, and destroyed lives.

Should a person tempted to drink or try drugs get into a simulator and experience the devastation that such real life action brings, they might reconsider.

If a husband and wife considering divorce get into a simulator and see the pain, anger, financial and emotional ruin they will reap they might decided to direct their efforts to rebuilding a loving relationship.

A marriage partner tempted by an illicit relationship could try a simulator and feel the pain, anguish, and heartache put on others.  The tryst might not taste so sweet.

A teenager should have a simulator experience to see how it feels to have STD, an unwanted baby, or even HIV or AIDS, and reconsider that tempting sexual experience.

On the other hand, if someone could get into a simulator and experience the total joy, sweet peace, and the happiness of life as God designed it to be before Satan twisted and perverted it, they would, like the astronauts, get in, take off, and enjoy one of the most delightfully, indescribable experiences imagineable.

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