The Sweetest Word of All

Jeanette Berry, September 1996

When first he called me sweetheart,
My youthful knees grew weak.
And that was topped when I heard "wife"
For sure I'd reached the peak.
Until a tiny voice said "Mom"
A joy I still recall.
But now, the sound of "Mom-Mom"
Is the sweetest word of all

The above poem was sent to me by my daughter-in-law, Kathy, when we had only two little infant grand-daughters.  It has now been on my refrigerator for years as one of my most valued treasures.  The toll of grandchildren is now six; five girls and one little boy.  We appreciate Proverbs 17:6, "Children's children are the crown of old men...".  A crown denotes a king and that's exactly how one feels surrounded by these precious little beings called grandchildren.

When I became a grandmother, I set some grandmother goals:

1.  I wanted to be part of my grandchildren's lives.
2.  I wanted to share my faith with them, building a foundation so that when their world begins to crumble (as does everyone's at some point in their life) they would know there was The Rock beneath them.
3.  I want to reinforce the values that my children are teaching them, giving them a living example, and adding to that they receive from their parents.
4.  Above all I want them to know and feel the love I have for them even as my children knew that my mom loved them.

Unless God is especially generous to Tom and I regarding our life span, we do not have a lot of time to accomplish these goals.  The two oldest, Heather and Megan live in Atlanta.  We only see them once or twice a year.  Kathy has been a dream in keeping our relationship alive and vital in the girl's lives.  She sends pictures constantly.  Birthday parties, special events, holidays are all recorded for us.  When they were born she told me when they were old enough they could come each summer and spend time with us.  True to her word, they have come regularly.  The other four cousins spend every moment possible with them.  The house is full of noise and fun...and of course, occasional bickering.

We talk a lot.  They learn of their daddy's growing up years; where he lived and the things he said and did.  Each of them still find it hard to believe that their daddy was once my little baby.  They get to hear their grandfather preach and in our home absorb the faith that motivates our lives.

Any worthwhile goal takes time, effort, money, and a vision.  Tom and I sense anew the importance of our relationship with each of our grandchildren.  It thrills me to hear, "Mom-Mom, Can I go with you?"  With these goals in mind, how can I refuse.



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