Jeanette Berry, March 1993

Last night our daughter, Dianne told me of a teenager whose mother kicked her out of the house the other night.  The girl went to stay with a friend.  This really upset me as I can not imagine such a situation and I went to bed pondering the feelings of loneliness and rejection that the girl must have felt.  I am sure she must wonder if there is anyone who REALLY cares about her.

When a friend of ours lost his wife, he told Tom and I that one of the worst times he experienced was going for days with no one to converse with---no one who really cared.  He found it devastating.

What about the divorcee, perhaps along for the first time and feeling rejected by the one who had vowed to love "till death do us part."  What about the runaway with no one to turn to and no place to call home.  Even a step close, What about the loneliness of a spouse in a traditional marriage;  one of those who statisticians tell us died emotionally years before.  They not only feel lonely, rejected  and unloved, but they also feel trapped in a hopeless situation.

So, who does care for these aching hearts.

God cares!  CHRIST IS THE ANSWER has been blazoned across our minds for years and those of us who have experienced His power KNOW that He is the answer to every crisis.

"I will never leave you nor forsake you..." 
Come unto Me and I will give you rest..."
"My peace I give unto you..."
"Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you..."
"I will gather you unto Myself as a hen gathereth her chickens..."

These only touch the surface of the promises in the Word of God that declare His loving care and concern to those who hurt.  Yet, most of us know it is not enough to say to a runaway or some who is devastated by death or divorce "Jesus cares" or "God cares."  The words must be backed up by action, ( ---our action on behalf of Him) if people are to truly see Him as the answer to their loneliness.

God has allowed us as Christians to act in His behalf.  We are vessels, tools, voices that speak for Him.  We have hands that can help; mouths that can speak words of love, acceptance and kindness; ears to listen and eyes to express His love.  We can open our homes permeated with warmth and friendship.  This one way God can demonstrate His care.

I work with deaf students.  Many times in trying to convey a difficult concept I will walk the student through it, or talk him through something step by step.  In this same way we need to help others learn to lean on the Lord; trust His promises; and look at life through His eyes.  Then they experience for themselves that God does indeed care.

I would like to add, it helps to practice on your own family and close friends.  Too often we are tempted to see the needs of the world around us without realizing the needs at our own door.  Give those you love undivided attention, a listening ear, eyes and words filled with love, and hugs and kisses.  Make sure they know you truly care and that your love is real and unconditional.


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