Conquer Your Fear!

Jeanette Berry

My Isaiah 12:2 "I will trust and not be afraid."

A friend was telling of his exciting trip to Israel. I asked his wife, "Did you enjoy the trip, too?" "No way!" she said, "I would never fly." She proceeded to tell me of flying experiences that frightened her, and in every instance there was no real danger, just her own fear. Later I remarked to my husband, "Could I ever tell her a few things about frightening experiences!" (My husband is a pilot).

Fear is an emotion that can rob you of so many of life's treasures, even eternal life. Fear can be good. It is good to fear fire, water, high places, and other dangers, but it is when fear becomes the controlling element of life, we become neurotic and robbed of pleasures God meant to be enjoyed. My friend was not only cheated out of a fantastic experience in Israel, she cheated her husband out of the privilege of sharing the thrilling moments with her.

There are three questions to ask when you feel afraid:

  1. Is this fear real or imagined? This lady's fear was unfounded. In a previous flying experience she huddled into the seat, refusing to look up. Her husband, on the same flight, loved every minute of it. It was simply neurotic on her part. The word neurosis means: "A mental condition that is not normal." Neurotic: "Too nervous." (Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Readers). I have known mothers who refused to allow their children play sports for fear they might get hurt. Parents who refused to allow children attend church functions or go on trips for fear….My father made a classic statement. We as children were never allowed to play in water until we learned how to swim! Learn to sort the real from the imagined and act accordingly.
  2. Will experience solve my fears? Many new mothers are filled with fears with their newborn baby, yet with the third or forth child is throwing it around like a sack of potatoes. What happened to fear? Experience.

    On one of my first flights with my husband, it was so hazy that I could see nothing. I was a nervous wreck. We were on radar and my husband was completely calm. Now, after many flying hours with him my fears have dissolved. Just as experience in driving, caring for babies, trying new things dissolves your fears. Learn that though it's a little scary at first, just hang in there and experience will eventually calm your fears.
  3. Can I trust God when I am afraid? "I will trust and not be afraid." Isaiah 12:2. There are times when the fear is real. A husband out of a job, a teenager going astray, a child dangerously ill, an unfaithful spouse …all of these can cause real fear, but we don't have to yield to that fear. We have a God of love Who already knows the outcome of our lives. Whatever the test, He will give us the grace when the time comes. I've seen women endure unbelievable situations and not give in to neurotic fears.

Next time fear threatens of overcome, ask these questions and conquer it. It really helps. I know first hand!

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