Who Needs a Preacher?

Jeanette Berry

Title: "Wherevereth There Is A Preacher. . ."

One holiday my husband and I flew home to Indiana with my sister, Barb, and her two young sons, Jr. and Tony. My mother had one very large upstairs room which she prepared for Barb and the boys. It was very nice, but the boys were a little scared in such a strange, large area. This particular night, Tom and I had been out for the evening. The boys were more nervous than ever until at last they heard the dog bark and knew we had come in. Tony, then 8, said, "Oh good. Uncle Tom is here."
"What's that got to do with it?" asked J.R.
"Well, the Bible says, 'wherevereth there is a preacher, be not afraid.'"
"It does not!" J.R. was disgusted that Tony didn't know his Bible any better than that. Nevertheless, they both were soon asleep, secure in the knowledge their Uncle Tom was there.
The next morning we laughed at Tony's quote, "Wherevereth there is a preacher. . ." but I was once again impressed that "out of the mouth of babes. . ." It may not be in the Bible as he quoted it, but it is a tremendous philosophy.
Where there is a preacher we can know and understand God's 
Word. I know that God calls His men and speaks to their heart that which He would have us to know. I marvel at the truths of the Word of God that are made so clear and easy to understand by the preacher.
Where there is a preacher, we have a guide in troubled times. The Word of God is filled with illustrations of those in trouble that called for the preacher or the man of God. Today, much of my husband's ministry is helping those in various types of trouble that need a man of God. I am so glad that he is our guide, leading and explaining to us that which God would have us to do and to know.
Where there is a preacher there is encouragement. There are times when we can become so confused. Major decision in our lives are to be made, life changing decisions, so we look to our preacher for direction and the encouragement to do the right thing and make the right decision.
Where there is a preacher, there is hope. The world situation looks discouraging, but our preacher can tell us how God is working. Family situations appear totally hopeless, but our preacher can take God's Word and give us hope. We wonder what happens when our loved ones die, and our preacher tells us what God has to say. Then we have hope. . .knowing we will see our loved ones again.
Yes, Tony was right. Wherevereth there is a preacher, be not afraid.

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