Are You Hurting? Hide in the Rock

Jeanette Berry

My husband uses an illustration in his sermons about a man in Ireland preaching on Ledford Green, a public square during the famous Shamrock horse race. He was being taunted by a heckler shouting, "What about the Shamrock? What about the Shamrock?" When the heckler refused to be ignored, the preacher finally said, " . .on Christ the solid rock I stand. All other rocks are sham rocks!" To this day when I see a shamrock I think, "…on Christ the solid rock I stand. All other rocks are sham rocks" and it caused me to consider Jesus as my Rock.

A rock speaks of security. An insurance company built an appealing commercial around a rock, signifying stability and security for the future. Even greater security is found in Jesus Christ. John, chapter one tells us that Christ was the creator of all things. Jesus Himself tells us He is the beginning and the end, the One Who loves me, knows my needs and is the One Who is and was, and ever shall be. That is security.

A rock also signifies protection and a place of refuge. I have been in Petra, a city carved out of rock in the side of a mountain. The Israelites will flee there for safety during the time of tribulation. I find Christ my Rock is a place of safety and protection. When troubles and difficulties come (and they come to everyone) I go to Him in prayer, and read again His letters to me (the Bible). My husband has preached so many funeral sermons and read the verses in the Bible about dying, that I often wondered if the bereaved people even heard them or found any comfort in the words. Then one day I sat in the section reserved for the family and felt the pain of a broken heart. I shall never forget the reading of those verses. It was like warm, smooth, soothing healing oil on a wounded heart. It was the sweetest comfort possible.

I thank God for Christ, my Rock. Troubles and difficulties come to all of us, but as my husband says, "I may tremble on the rock, but the rock never trembles under me." 

There is one added blessing in this area. The Bible teaches that husbands are to be like Christ. Mine truly is. If I were to choose one object with which to liken Tom it would be a rock; steady, strong, (and though I may not like it sometimes) immovable. He gives to me on a personal level those same qualities of love, security and protection I find in Christ on a spiritual level. "Oh what a happy soul I am, how blessed beyond degree. God has provided in this life such wondrous things for me."

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