Taking a Chance, and Losing!
Running on Empty!

Jeanette Berry

Getting into the car, I remembered my husband's words the night before, "I meant to have one of the kids take the car down to the station and fill it up for you." Sure enough, the needle was almost touching the peg, but I only had twenty minutes in order to get to school on time. Surely there would be enough to get me there and I can stop first thing on my way home.

Now, by a strange coincidence of overpaying our gas card, I had a $19 credit at Amoco. As I started home that evening I decided I still had enough gas to find an Amoco station. So, with a car on dead empty, I passed station after station determined to find an Amoco. Once I even stopped at a Chevron station, but they would not accept my Amoco card, so I went on.

I began to get uneasy thinking how foolish and dangerous this was. I could be walking in the drenching rain, or sitting alone waiting for help. Either was dangerous, so to keep from thinking about that and getting all up tight, I turned the radio on to some soothing music to calm my disturbing thoughts.

In the midst of this crazy experience I thought, this is just like many people that have never met Jesus Christ. They realize that they have a spiritual need, and plan to do something about it one day, …their way, …at a time of their choosing. Opportunity comes again and again for salvation, but they pass them by even as I passed those gas stations. Realizing there is a risk, they find other interests to drown out their fears and calm their troubled minds. Eventually their appointment with death arrives and all opportunity is gone. How foolish.

Incidentally, I did not find that Amoco station, but I did wise up enough to stop and buy gas.

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