Hello everyone,

I am forwarding an e-mail from our "adopted son in the ministry", Jean Marc Desire`. Many years ago, Jean Marc's father, a pastor of a large ministry in Haiti was dying. He called me and asked if I would help one of his four sons to come to the US and study for the ministry in order to take his place when he was gone. Jean Marc came into our lives. He went through Word of Life program, and worked diligently, (he could not even speak English at that time). His father passed away while he was here. Soon Jean Marc returned to Haiti and took up his father's mantle. God has blessed beyond words and now the churches have grown into thousands of Haitian attenders.

In reply to his desperate need, Dianne, Jeanette and I have dug deep into our own pockets. Healing Water Bible church (our Filipino church) took up a special offering to help in the relief. I felt impressed to pass his letter on to you. If God should lay it upon your heart to give $$ to help, you may send it to: B.E.M.A (Baptist Evangelistic Missionary Association) at the address: 4744 Winchester Pike, Columbus, Ohio 43232-6165 (phone 614 833 0488). 

The need is so urgent. Please keep in mind that $1 US will make $5 in Haitian money. Think what a gift of $10, $20 or more will do to feed those hungry people.

In addition, if you have any access to medical supplies, Jean Marc has an address in Florida where we can send them and get them to his wife, Junie, a medical doctor.

Thank you for considering this ministry and sharing in the effort to help.

If you wish to continue to forward this, please do so.

Thank you, Tom Berry

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We have been keeping in contact with Brother Jean Marc in Haiti during the terrible catastrophes that have come upon them. Their situation is desperate and we have been trying to channel as much financial support to them as possible. The people are in desperate need. If you can help, please contact us, or write to the Mission Board with your offering. Following is an except from a personal letter we received from Brother Jean Marc describing the dismal state of the Island: 

"...As a result we are facing an economic disaster after the last flood disaster on the north side of the island that killed more than three thousand Haitians. So you can imagine, no sooner have we met one challenge that another one surfaced . I can not afford to lose courage as our people need to be encouraged . It is true that we need all the financial help we can to help our own ; but even more important than that , we need more prayers to restore peace and joy and hope into the hearts of the believers most specially.
As a missionary , I rejoice to know that God has put me where I am to be instrumental in helping our people materially and spiritually for such a time as this . But I am also thankful that you have been so unwavering in your support of the work here in various ways , and we praise God that you have been in this with us for years now .
By God's grace we are going to pass this test again and we thank you in advance for continuing to pray for us , for our work, and for our troubled island . God bless you !"


 Last May, flooding killed hundreds of Haitians and the damage was made worst by deforestation inside Haiti. We are mostly preoccupied with one of our churches located on that part of the island; thanks to God, the lives of the believers have been spared and our church building has not received much damage; but, our people have lost their homes, their farms, their crops, and are left today with nothing.
In times like these, the challenge to meet both spiritual and physical needs of the homeless is heavy on us . Most specially this year we have experienced one blow after an other and the whole country is in a “ knocked out “ state these days . I am appealing to you for much prayer; what I see in Haiti today is a complete disaster. Would you pray that God will give me more wisdom and courage to minister to our people at this time of severe crisis ? Would you pray that through it all God will use this situation to turn the hearts of many toward Himself ? Pray that we can collect urgently the funds needed to help families rebuild their homes, re-buy animals to raise ( chicken ,pigs , goats , cows etc…) to provide for their needs. Many school kids have lost their school supplies and books in the flood and we have to find a way to help them; farmers have lost their farming tools (shovels, hoes, and machetes), so many of them have lost clothes, beds ……you name it, our hands are full and God knows we need all the financial and prayer assistance possible to pass this test as a ministry . Brethren , we need you and count on your prayers to help us carry this heavy load .
We still long after and continue to pray for a national revival that will cause many Haitians to turn their lives over to God . We have chosen to hope in God no matter the situation as He is faithful at taking care of His own in Haiti as well.
We rejoice in the Lord for the most recent revival meetings we had this past August at our church ministry headquarter. Our auditorium was packed to its capacity of one thousand seats, and we had spirit-filled messages, good singing and worship every night with the result of several decisions for salvation . Sixteen new converts were baptized and added to our church the same week to the glory of God.
Our family is doing well by the grace of God , and our ministry is standing firm trusting God to help us cross an other red sea . FAITHFUL IS HE THAT CALLED US , WHO ALSO WILL DO IT .( 1 Thess.5:24 ) . God bless you for being in this with us . 
Yours In christ ,
Bro. Jean marc Desire and family

Our Mission Board address is :
Baptist Evangelistic Missionary Association
4744 Winchester Pike
Columbus , Ohio 43232
E-mail : Bemamissions@aol.com


Pastor Louis Desire', the son of a Voodoo witch doctor, was led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at about 12 years of age. God called him to preach and with meager resources he attended a Bible institute and earned a three-year diploma. This is remarkable in Haiti, considered the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. An area smaller than the state of Maryland is home to an estimated 9 to 10 million people. An 80% unemployment rate results in an average yearly income of less than $400 (U.S. equivalent). Medical care is too expensive for the vast majority and non-existent to many. There is an estimated 60 to 70 per cent illiteracy rate. The government provides a public well for each community and the water is carried to the homes. (During our visit Pastor Jean Marc had access to electricity only 3 hours per day.)    
      In 1967 Brother Louis founded the Evangelistic Haitian Baptist Church of Bourg-Champagne in Petion-Ville near Port Au Prince. He went on to start the Evangelistic Haitian Baptist Church of Pernier, the Delmas Christian Assembly, the Church of Marlique, and several other churches in the country. He began Christian schools in these churches and also began training young men for the ministry. In 1982, several preacher friends joined me in a visit to Brother Louis Desire'. I preached in the Evangelistic Haitian Baptist Church of Bourg-Champagne and visited the schools and even some of the country churches.

Pastor Desire' died at 54 years of age. He sensed his approaching death and asked me to assist his son, Jean Marc, to receive quality Bible training in the United States. The church I pastored joyfully approved underwriting his education at Word of Live Bible Institute in New York. He received 48 semester hours of Bible training under some of the finest Bible teachers in America. During this time he also traveled with The Collegians, and had his vision greatly expanded as they sang in some of America's greatest churches. Jean Marc continued his studies with the Liberty Baptist Home Bible Studies program and he also earned a bachelor's degree from Bethany Bible College and Seminary Dothan, Alabama. In addition he earned a diploma as a broadcast engineer.

Pastor Jean Marc Desire' spent approximately 3 years in training and deputation work. He was ordained at Baptist Bible Church of Elkton, Maryland. While in the states his father passed away. Jean Marc was not able to attend his funeral. In 1989 he returned to Haiti and took over the ministry at the first church. It was rebuilt in 1994 to seat 250 people, but it was still necessary to conduct two Sunday morning services. At the same time in 1994 another church was started renting a small home in a community of 8,000 people in nearby Petion-Ville. Starting with 12 people, it has grown to over 600 members and ministers every Sunday to over 1000 people. In 1996 he replanted the church at Delmas, rebuilt the auditorium and it now ministers to over 600 people every Sunday.

Along with the Christian schools associated with the churches Jean Marc and his wife, Junie (a medical doctor) began the Emmanuel Medical Center to meet the needs of those without medical care. God is using this tool to reach the Haitian people.

Perhaps there are those who would be able to invest financially in this ministry. The average tithe (and they do tithe) of the main church is approximately $240 per month (U.S. equivalent). Godly Americans like you have financed most of the work there. Jean Marc takes so little, and under the blessing of God, sees it expand and do much for the glory of God.
          A bag of cement costs $80,
          a truckload of sand is $80,
          and the same for a truck of gravel.
          Add the cost of steel rods and they are able to add a floor, or a roof.
          $10 per month pays for another child to learn to read and write.

Our daughter sent $100 (in case we had to pay duty on the robes) plus we delivered $100 in support. Jean Marc quickly used that money to have two more pews built. 30 people would now be able to sit in the services.
          Please consider clothing: men, women, and children, (keeping in mind that their lowest temperature is rarely below 70 degrees.). 

          There are untold numbers of orphans living in the streets. Perhaps you would like to support a child.

Give some thought to taking a mission-vacation in Haiti. Not only would you renew your spirit, but you would expand your vision, understand theirs, and become a helper in sharing God's truth. You will never be the same. 

If you desire to be of help, call us 302 368 2877; e-mail Truth Helpers, tom.jeanette51@comcast.net or Jean Marc in Haiti by e-mail, jmarcdesire@hotmail.com. Invest in a ministry that is doing great things for God. You can know the joy, as Jeanette and I do, and see with your own eyes that all your time and effort is reaping eternal results.