Text: 1st John 2:17
     The book of 1st John is addressed to those desiring a relationship with God.  Following is a synopsis of this short book:

1st John 1:3: The theme of the book, - "fellowship with God"
1st John 1:5-2:28 "God is light and those who fellowship with God must walk in the light."
1st John 2:29-3:10 -God is righteous and those who fellowship with God must walk in righteousness.
1st John 3:11- through 4; God is love and those who walk in fellowship with God must walk in love"
1st John 5 - God is life and those who walk in fellowship with God must possess this life.

     The word used most often in 1st John is "know". It occurs 35 times. The 2nd most often used word is "world", appearing 23 times. The word "world" refers to the present world system that passes away. It includes those who do not walk in fellowship with God. He that does the will of God abides forever.

     A Christian knows there are some things that are certain in a world of uncertainties.  We do not have to subscribe to the song that says, "The only thing for certain is that nothing is certain." Nor do we have to agree with the old cliché that "the only things for sure are death and taxes."

Someone said, "If the 19th century is the age of reason, the 20th century is the age of doubt." But we do not have to walk in doubt. We can walk in faith.


Political Uncertainty

     Kennedy was shot out of office; Johnson bowed out; Nixon was driven out; Carter was turned out; George Bush (1) was shut out and Clinton slithered out .  Our papers are filled with those in political favor falling out of favor.

International Uncertainty

     For decades the world lived in the uncertainty of the cold war. The former USSR pursued the goal of massive power. They built the largest nuclear arsenal, the largest army and navy and the largest defense shelter network in the world. The USA pursued the goal of superior technology. The foundation of all treaties was called Mutually Assured Destruction…accurately referred to as MAD.

     On September 11, 2001 the USA (and the world) was awakened to the era of terrorism on the level of mass destruction and death at a time and in a manner that is unsuspected.

     The nuclear powers of India and Pakistan threaten to enter into a war in which a nuclear exchange is highly probable.

Monetary Uncertainty

     We ride an economic roller coaster that climbs to robust heights; slows and plunges to recession and then sends mixed signals as to which way its going next. Corporations plan for growth but keep on file a Plan B for massive layoffs. The value of the dollar and the stability of many major banks are issues that keep uncertainty lurking in the shadows. Those living on fixed incomes wonder if their dollars are going to provide the purchasing power that they need.

Energy Uncertainties

     It is probable that energy shortages are not necessary. Yet, California, New York, and other highly populated areas have discovered that when electricity is needed the most it may not be there. With 70% of the world's known oil reserves under the control of the Arab world, there is always doubt that the supply of that oil can be counted on.

Ecological Uncertainties

     Vehicle and industrial exhausts pollute our air. Human and industrial waste pollutes our streams, lakes and underground water. Nuclear waste poses a long time threat. We wonder if our family or friends will become part of the thousands who come down with cancer or other afflictions.

Educational Uncertainties

     In many cities a third of the young people quit school before they graduate. A significant number don't attend classes. Many classrooms are so disorderly that one has to wonder how much learning is going on. Standardized tests are more often depressing than encouraging. The potential of violence is a constant concern. We wonder how our young people will fare in the high technology age.

Theological Uncertainties

     With sadness we admit that in the old line established Christian denominations there has been a departure from the faith. Various surveys reveal that those in ministry who believe the essential truths of Christianity are in the minority. The one exception is the Southern Baptist Convention where those who embrace essential Biblical truth have regained the leadership.


The Bible

     Written over a period of 1600 years by some 40 men it never contradicts itself, but is uniform in its message. It reveals the nature of God, the origin of creation, the condition of man, the plan of salvation, the Savior of sinners, the way of life and the eternal destinies of mankind.

     I have studied the Bible for 52 years. I have noted how thousands of prophecies were fulfilled without one failure when the time of fulfillment camel. I have put its truths to the test in my own life and I testify that this Book was inspired from a source greater than mortal man.

     For those who desire to thoroughly check out the truthful reliability of the Bible I recommend they study "Evidence That Demands A Verdict" and "More Evidence That Demands A Verdict" by Joshua McDowell and published by Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc.

Salvation in Christ

     Some asked Coleridge, "Can Christianity be proved?" His answer was, "Yes, give Christ a chance." How else can you explain the change that comes into people's lives when they meet the living Christ?

  • Fearful disciples were changed into fearless witnesses.
  • Saul of Tarsus was changed from persecutor to preacher.
  • John Newton was changed from a slave trader to a preacher who helped slaves of sin find liberty in Christ.
  • Mel Trotter was changed from a hopeless drunkard to Rescue Mission builder.


I know I am an unworthy sinner deserving of all the punishment a righteous God has decreed me.

I know I could never save myself by works or goodness for there dwells no good thing in me

I know that the only way my sins could be punished and me be spared is for a sinless Substitute to receive my punishment for me.

I know that the only person Who can forgive my sins and save my soul is Jesus Christ.

I know that the only way saving faith could have been produced within my heart is through hearing the promises of God.

I know that the only way I could become a child of God is by being born by God's Spirit into God's family.

I know that I shall never lose my salvation for it is not me keeping myself but God keeping me.

I know that I have eternal life within me because I love people I could never have loved if God hadn't saved me.

I know that the only way to have victory over a cunning devil, an enticing world, and my sinful flesh is through the flow of power by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

I know the Christian life is the best life for I have tried the worldly way and the Christian way.

I know God will provide for me and protect me in the future even as He has done from my conversion over 58 years ago.

I know that everything with only worldly value is going to perish in fire.

I know that whatever is done for Christ is going to return eternal rewards.

I know the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.

I know the Great Commission that Jesus gave the church is to take the gospel into all the world.

I know this world is headed for great Tribulation

I know that Jesus is coming again to receive His own unto Himself.

I know that the marriage supper of the Lamb is going to be an indescribably joyful and happy experience.

I know that King Jesus is going to return and reign on this earth for a thousand years and that we shall reign with Him.

I know that the Great White Throne Judgment will be the most terrifying experience lost humanity has ever faced.

I know the Lake of Fire will be more painful and hopeless than a lost world ever imagined.

I know that our new bodies, the new Jerusalem, the new Heavens and the new earth will be more glorious than it is possible to put into human words.

     When D. L. Moody was a very young man, Henry Varley challenged him with the words, "The world has yet to see what God can do through a man totally given up to God's will." Moody responded from within, "By the grace of God, I'll be that man."

     In a time when there were no microphones or loud speakers, D. L. Moody saw a million souls confess Christ as Savior. More than any other, God used him to bring healing to America following the Civil War with his emphasis on the love of Christ.

     On the tombstone of D. L. Moody in Northfield, Massachusetts are the words, "He who does the will of God abides forever." 1st John 2:17

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All Scripture quoted from NKJV unless otherwise noted