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Sunday School Seminar on

The Christian's Journey

Following are lessons on "The Christian's Journey",  often referred to as Christian Discipleship.  They reveal the experience  that begins when a person receives Christ as his Savior, and leads them as they travel through the the process of becoming shaped into the image of Christ.

This series of lessons are being taught each Sunday morning at 9:30 am. by Dr. Tom Berry at the Healing Water Bible Church, Intl at 2306 Porter Road, Bear, Delaware.  Visitors are welcome.

A new lesson will be posted each week, beginning June 7, 2009.  Click on the highlighted title (or use Control-Click) to link to the proper page.

    One:      The Beginning of the Christian's Journey  
                   The Christian's Journey, PPT

    Two:       Equipped for the Christian Journey by the Holy Spirit   
                   Equipped for the Christian's Journey by the Holy Spirit, ppt

    Three:    The Ultimate Goal of the Christian Journey
                   The Ultimate Goal of the Christian Journey, ppt

    Four:      The Process of the Christian Journey

                   The Process of the Christian Journey, ppt
    Five:       What Is a Disciple?

                   What is a Disciple. ppt  
    Six:        The Requirement to Become a Disciple of Jesus

                   Confess Christ. ppt
    Seven    Uniting With A Biblical Church
                   Uniting With A Biblical Church, ppt

     Eight     Embracing and Living by God's Word
                   Embracing God's Word, ppt

     Nine      Abiding in Jesus
                   Abiding in Jesus, ppt

      Ten       Gain Victory Over Sin
                   Gain Victory Over Sin, ppt

 Eleven      Serving God With Our Gifts and Talents
                   Serving God With Our Gifts and Talents, ppt

Twelve       Praying With Faith
                   Praying With Faith, ppt.

Thirteen    Training The Generations To Come
                  Training The Generations To Come, ppt.